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macintoshia was started to help meet the need for Macintosh
and Apple product education in a convenient, time-effective, and fun environment.

Individual Instruction

For individualized instruction, we will use Apple's Remote Desktop software. All a customer has to do is download the free Remote Desktop client, and we can begin instruction right away !

We send you a link where you can pay via PayPal, and we can begin at your convenience !

Click HERE to contact us & tell us what you need !
  Apple Remote Example

Group Instruction

    With groups, we use the Citrix Online Classroom software, you will be sent a link to login to our classroom before the class starts. The link will help download the software that you will need to participate.

It installs a control panel similar to the one at right with controls to raise your hand; listen and speak by telephone or your computer (if your computer has both a built-in mic and speakers. Most Macs do ! :-> You can also buy a USB headset with headphones and mic.); and use online chat with other participants and the instructor.

At registration, you will also easily be able to checkout and pay using PayPal as a part of the registration process. It's pretty seamless and convenient.
  Control Panel Example

A Bit More Odds & Ends ... mostly odd.

    macintoshia, and it's online instructional companion ilearnia, are properties of netamedia, and we are located in the greater Athens, Georgia area (Home of the University of Georgia... woof!). It was started by Harvey Kirkpatrick who has been a marketing, graphic, video, and multimedia consultant and instructor since 1986. His internet consultancy, netamedia, has been in business since 1995.
    He has been a Macintosh enthusiast since 1985 thanks to his brother-in-law and his "shocking" incident. (He was shocked by a outdoor transformer and used the settlement money to buy a Mac which he taught Harvey how to use. Nice story, huh? No... the bro-in-law has no side effects of which we know ... of which we KNOW !?!) Harvey: runs half and full marathons; enjoys a good breakfast (His fav is Mama's Boy !); sponsors conferences for men on God's grace; and is grateful to be married with two sons and two grandsons. He has no dog, needs one, but is good friends with the neighbor's dog Ellie.

    Our business philosophy has two parts: Golden Rule Management and Broken World/Broken People Management. Our aspiration is to follow the Golden Rule: treat others as we would like to be treated. We aspire to give you a great product for a fair price that will help us build a sustaining great service for both of us... just like we want when we're the customer.

    However, our Golden Rule aspiration also runs smack dap into a fallen world where we are fallen people. So we also employ Broken World/Broken People Management. Not only do we goof up at times with mistakes and miscommunications, we can even treat you poorly when we are caring more about ourselves than you. Yes, let's don't kid each other, it happens.
    So, our aim is to have enough guts (i.e. grace) to ask your forgiveness when we fail. And we'll certainly do what we can to make it up to you when we mess something important to you up or tell you flat out that we're clueless and what were you thinking doing business with us ! We know this is rarely said, but we'd prefer to do business as real people in a broken world versus ya-ya-ing about aspirations that few ever attain.

    We'd appreciate an opportunity to serve you. We've been rescued ourselves by a Great Affection, and that fact encourages us to live as joyful servants. If you'd like to know more about our life point of view, then these two books would get you started: Prodigal God by Tim Keller and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. We know you'll enjoy them. Thanks for listening.

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